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    Laundry hook up

    thanks, I'm still working off Pro 2015 version, it does not appear to have it
  2. I changed just the shed roof room height, under room properties/structural change the ceiling height, yes make an exterior wall, you can uncheck "ceiling over this room" to get the sloped roof, there is a ceiling structure just below that can be used adjust ceiling thickness. if you open a second window with a cross-section of the room you can see the changes FYI the program does have a mind of it's own, auto-making the roof is not always possible, but roofs can be manually drawn, they have tutorials on company web site, but it is a little tedious
  3. change the room height in the shed addition make it toller than the main house
  4. Urchin11

    Laundry hook up

    I can't seem to find a laundry hook up box in the library, is there one and what is it titled?