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  1. so after figure some more things out, if I understand the instructions correctly. must I raise the floors in every room for the LR to be sunken is that correct?
  2. The instructions to lower the floor as usual suck. the FLOOR icon is not lit up for me to use. Any suggestions to get that usable. and please only those who can read between the lines and can understand what I'm trying to communicate answer. thanks
  3. so I raised the ceiling, but the walls go up with the ceiling. how do I get the wall to stay?
  4. How do you add collar beams to a roof, pro 2018
  5. tinyhouseguy


    I'm trying to snape 2x12 corners together on the frame for the floor joist and trying to get 12' 6" ,but I keep getting 12' 6" 3/16 with a 3/16 gap so every time I stretch 2x12 over to get rid of the gap it appears on the opposite corner. I stretch again,it shows up again back to the other corner. what am I doing wrong?
  6. foundation peir keeps defaulting to 8".. I need 4" foundation peir. what is the solution?
  7. The biggest thing I need is dual dimensioning, both metric and imperial on the same line, I'm losing markets share of my designs, considering 90% of the world is metric.
  8. I would like to upgrade to something better than pro-2018 but now the x11 is 3000.00 and the renewal is 700.00 a year, pretty expensive. So my choices are auto cad LT for 60.00 a mth or chief x11. As it looks Auto Cad LT is the better deal and I always have the latest version. Can someone please give me an Unbias opinion on the pros and cons of both options so I can make a well-informed decision. thanks,
  9. cant win on this poorly designed software
  10. so I found a tree, but it asks for a SketchUp version, which one should I use?
  11. I'll try the 3d warehouse..thank you
  12. I've paid and downloaded about 5 Christmas tree and they just don't load.
  13. yes, how can one have a holiday bonus folder and have no Christmas tree? I just don't understand this company.
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a resizable 3d Christmas tree for 2018 pro for free?
  15. I'm looking for an inexpensive photorealistic rendering software suggestions to purchase outright that will work with any extension that is offered from CA Pro-2018 thanks, Tim
  16. yes, to the above picture. So how is that accomplished, please?
  17. When I line up the railings to the center of a column, the column base sticks out beyond the deck edge. Is there a way to move the railing without moving the deck? thanks
  18. Thanks to everyone for all the knowledge, many good ideas and things to think about. Tim
  19. that's what I wanted, but you said above,first response to me quote "None of the Chief Architect or Home Designer products do round shapes well, and you would need one of the Chief Architect products to do curved roof planes."you would need one of the Chief Architect products to do curved roof planes." so my response to you is ,what are the products?
  20. does pro do curved roofs like above the garage if so, how or do I have to move up to x7