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  1. I have purchased this but they are not in 3D!? They are flat images. I wanted this in 3D so I can have shadows as well as looking better in 3D. Don't know how to get hold of supplier of these files?
  2. I have searched the help files and it does not cover my required situation as follows: I need to have a pony wall (used as outdoor fencing) - the bottom section of the wall is solid concrete as such with the top main part being wooden horizontal slats as you can see in the image. The overall height of this wall should be 1800mm but it cannot be set anywhere? I can't recreate this wall using any other wall method. Incredibly frustrating! Appreciate a solution to this?
  3. Do you know if the next level up has this 'Pony Wall' feature, i.e 'Home Designer Architectural 2021'? Wish that this lack of a feature would be clearly stated in the help files because I have been searching for hours thinking I must be doing something wrong!
  4. Using Home Designer Suite 2021 on the Mac and I cannot find how to change the wall so it's a pony wall. I wish to create the bottom half as brickwork and the top half as wooden slats. I have looked at the help files and video files but they are out of date to an older version. The new version is setup differently and doesn't provide the same options as the help files. There are lots of other Wall selection settings in the video tutorial and again these are not available in the software version I have. I have tried creating the 'straight half wall' (which I assume is the default pony wall) but the properties box is completely different to the older version and does not provide the same settings - pic attached. Screenshot of the old version of the pony wall settings as shown in the video tutorial is attached.