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  1. RimaZK

    Help designing a 20x40 office/house

    OK, so I made a second floor, but I can't figure out how to view the first floor. All I can see is the second floor. Also, as good as those teaching videos are, I find them really difficult to learn from. These videos are extremely tedious for a beginner. Here go to this button and then it shows this and then you go to that button and then it shows this. Well, I'm still trying to find the first button on my own software. By then the video is talking about something else. If you stop start the video, you still get lost because you have to rewind for a bit to get back to where you were. These videos are OK if you are looking for one little thing and already know a lot of the basics.
  2. RimaZK

    Help designing a 20x40 office/house

    What's not to understand? I managed to make a roof but the posts on the porch are hanging in mid air..........so I have to change the pitch of just one side of the roof.....but how does that connect to the........just details.
  3. RimaZK

    Help designing a 20x40 office/house

    I would like some help in drawing out the roof and ceiling on Home Designer, especially for the costing calculations of materials, since we are going to be our own contractor. I have dabbled in Home Designer over the years, mostly to draw out daydream floor plans, which I can do reasonably well. I have never been able to get the concept of how a house goes up in 3D, nor how to make Home Designer Pro draw it out. We will be building a fairly simple 20x40 office/house soon. I'd be happy to pay consultation fees, but the deal also includes teaching me how to be able to do it the next time myself.