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  1. Hi! My architect designed our house in Chief Architect and provided me with a version that I could play with interior finishes and landscaping with Home Designer Architectural. He unlocked everything so that I could adjust window transparency, move walls, etc. I need to raise a couple of windows, but I can't for the life of me adjust or delete the header. It doesn't raise with the window and I can't seem to select it as an object to move either. So when I raise the window up by 10", I am seeing 10" of header in the top of the window. Possible to adjust?
  2. SCOTT!!!!! Ohmyword, thank you. I don't know what caused that... I made it black a few weeks ago and all of a sudden... bam. Thank you! Yes, we are building this home IN COEUR d'ALENE !!!!! How about that!? Our designer used Chief Architect. I wanted to be able to play with different colors and finishes and do some furniture planning, because I'm very visual. Plus my husband - who is not - was having trouble "seeing" what our plan would look like. So I bought Home Designer Architectural, and had my designer share the file. Took a couple tries - he had to remove a bunch of restrictions so I could see through windows, change surfaces, etc.... but it's been fun to play. House should be done in April or May! (But I love using this program, so maybe I'll help others "visualize" their homes too... )
  3. Hi Scott!! Sure! Thanks... It's pretty big - so uploaded it here: d20 USE THIS ONE_auto_save.plan?dl=0
  4. Hi! This is something I've not experienced before. Somehow the color of the horizontal beam on the perimeter of the deck is now white, and for the life of me I can change it back to black. When I choose the material painter (with black) and hover on the white beam you can see in the bottom left corner that it shows that I'm painting with black and the target is white... but nothing happens! Pretty sure I did something dumb along the way, but I'm stumped! Help?
  5. Eric! Thank you... I did, he did, and we're back in business. Many thanks for all your great help here on this forum.
  6. Oh goodness... bless you! One of these days I'll know enough to help other newbies! It was over the maximum size allowable, so here's a iink to it
  7. Thanks much Eric and David! Yes, I tried changing the actual material (one suggestion I found was to copy the glass I wanted to my User Catalog, change the transparency there, and select THAT as the new material. No luck. I also did try the Adjust Material Definition tool. Transparency for both the glass door and the window are between 70-80%. I'm stumped. Again, my designer said, when I asked: "Shower walls are transparent in most of the cameras. You also have to know how to adjust the camera defaults." I don't care really about transparency in any but the full camera view, and yes I know how to change camera defaults - but I may be missing something there?
  8. Hello! I am working with a file sent to me by my designer who works in Chief Architect. Every time he's sent me a version of our design (a .plan file) in the past, I've been able to see things beyond the glass or window in FULL camera view. (For example, the tile and fixtures inside the glass shower, or the backdrop through the window). In the latest file, I'm not able to. The transparency settings in the materials defaults are just fine. So that's not it. He says I need to fix something in my camera defaults, but for the life of me I can't find where. I've attached a quick screen shot of the master bath, showing the shower and a window. Neither of which are transparent. Is there some "restriction" on the file he has to lift when preparing the .plan file for me, or am I just not finding the right place to turn this on? Thanks so much!
  9. Gosh, thanks for the quick reply. I'll give it a go!
  10. Hello! I have a wall with a couple of floating shelves. I'd like to place a couple of puck lights beneath each one. I'm having a devil of a time doing it. I am in full camera view and maneuver until I'm a little in front of and under the cabinet... I might get one placed... but others show up on the ceiling or the shelf above or below... I just can't seem to get them where I want them. Any tips or tricks? Thanks!
  11. That’s awesome! Love them. I have a heck of a time placing them though. Trying to add to floating shelves and they end up on the ceiling or lost in space. Any hints, tips or tricks?
  12. Ohmyword David!!! Can't believe you took the time to make a personal tutorial ... SO KIND!! I am diving in and will report back. Thanks so much!
  13. Thanks very much Eric. I will absolutely add the info to my signature and make that visible. On my way to start the hunt...
  14. Hello! Newbie here (and LOVING this program!). I am working in HomeDesigner / Architect (2021) version. I have a home design that is basically an H shape. The two vertical sides are about 16 feet wide by 54 feet long. The center of the H is a 30' square. I want to create a shed roof (3 sections) but with a different pitch in the center (higher) than the two sides. I succeeded in creating three separate "blocks" and then joining them together, and splitting the exterior walls to open the house up... but I can't figure out how to give the center section a different pitch... Even as separate structures, the program assigned the same pitch to all three (I'm using 1.5), so obviously the long sides are higher... because they rise over a further distance... Is there a way to create something that looks like the attached image? (Am guessing I might be over my skis with this one!!!) Thanks a bunch!