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  1. Ohmyword David!!! Can't believe you took the time to make a personal tutorial ... SO KIND!! I am diving in and will report back. Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks very much Eric. I will absolutely add the info to my signature and make that visible. On my way to start the hunt...
  3. Hello! Newbie here (and LOVING this program!). I am working in HomeDesigner / Architect (2021) version. I have a home design that is basically an H shape. The two vertical sides are about 16 feet wide by 54 feet long. The center of the H is a 30' square. I want to create a shed roof (3 sections) but with a different pitch in the center (higher) than the two sides. I succeeded in creating three separate "blocks" and then joining them together, and splitting the exterior walls to open the house up... but I can't figure out how to give the center section a dif