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  1. Thank you, and done. I get it's a different subject but seemed to go with this, but will do. Thanks again, just learning. Btw, I already had fascia set to charcoal and if I turn on the fascia it is charcoal but the rafters remain white. But rebuilding roof framing fixed it.
  2. Thank you, but mine like yours (building a barn) turned the rafters white, they were lumber looking before. Any way you know of to change their color or assign a material?
  3. I'm new, but I had the same problem as shown in pic 2 of the original post. My house below the terrain. I had drawn the house first then added terrain points at actual heights. In my case starting at 800' above sea level. Took care to add points around the house. So my house showed up 800' below the terrain! While Jo-Ann showed how to fix it and maybe mgianzero had to do that I found I simply had to follow step 3. Open Terrain Specification... and add (in inches) 800' to the existing number (48" in my case) to Subfloor Height Above Terrain (9648" in my case) and BOOM my house was at the