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  1. Thanks for you answer, I didn't know catalogue objects can be exploded and edited. How can I do that?
  2. Hi, I need to modify an object in the library browser. In particular I need a fireplace with three fronts instead of two (the one in the library. Can I export that object in order to modify it with another 3D software and import back to Home Designer Pro?
  3. Hi everybody, can you help me fixing this?
  4. Hi everybody, can you help me fixing this?
  5. Thank you so much for the time you spent making that video, learnt a lot from it. I had to manually fix the same problems as yours, I wonder if that it is some kind of bug of the software. Anyway, in some way, following your suggestions, I manually fixed the roof, even if not in the elegant way.
  6. Hi, Thanks for you reply. Fill that gap with a wall small wall is exactly what I want to make. The problem is that the wall I create stops right below the lower roof. It doesn't reach the higher one. Moreover, I don't want it to be seen inside house. I'm trying to make a wooden exposed beams roof.
  7. Hi all, Any suggestion on how to close the space between this two levels of roof?
  8. Actually yes, the only solution I have found is to make a brand new plan excluding floor 0. So the garage floor is now floor 1. I wasn't able to get ceiling and floor together. I still don't know why.
  9. Sorry if I pick up this old thread but it seems I still get the same problem. I wonder if the problem is the fact that I am using the foundation level. Seems like I have to choose whether I want to see the ceiling or the ground. I can't have them together. Can I make the foundation level like level 1? Any other idea?
  10. I modified wall materials, looks much better now but there is still this white line that I am not able to remove: Probably I am not able to really align the top and bottom wall. The "align walls" instrument do not show up
  11. Hi all, If you have a look to the added pictures, I have this problem to that railings. Can someone help me fixing this? Thanks
  12. Thanks for your answer, How can I do that? I haven't found haldles on library.
  13. attorianzo

    Window handles?

    Hi everybody, I have to make a simple single casement window with a handle. Is it possible to put handles? Thanks, M.
  14. I'm a newbie, tried to find the answer here and there in the forum without luck. I imported a pdf in my new plan using this procedure: Unfortunately the imported pdf doesn't match the units used in the plan. Look at the attached picture, what in the pdf is 1.50m it is seen as 750 mm using the tape measure tool in Home designer pro. How can I fix this difference?