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  1. As per title, I want to show in 3d just the floor I'm working on. How can I exclude the others?
  2. Sorry, tried really, but I'm really not able to fix this. Can you help me with the plan? I zipped and attached it.
  3. As per title, in the attached picture there's what I'm trying to get. Can anybody help? Thx
  4. Done, sorted the problem. Many thanks
  5. As per title, I want to remove the roof over my railings
  6. Thanks for your answer, I fixed the floor, I still get the problem with the Ceiling. It seems like the ceiling over the Floor 0 is a tiny bit higher. Tried to fix Ceiling finish 0 mm, it is now 8mm, I still see the ceiling higher than the walls
  7. Sure, I had to zip it in order to fit the size. Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks
  8. As you may see in the pic, I'm not able to put some concrete on the ground in my garage. There's also same space underneath the ceiling. Any suggestion? Thanks