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  1. evanacree

    Diagonal Break Wall

    Thanks, Eric!
  2. evanacree

    Roof Alignment Struggles

    Thank you for the response, @Jo_Ann and my apologies for the delay. I attempted what you said but didn't quite work. Can you clarify which wall in the attached screenshot?
  3. evanacree

    Diagonal Break Wall

    Hello! I am trying to get these exterior wall sections to exterior material. I am familiar with using break wall to do this but unsure of how to do it on a diagonal. Any help would be great! HD Suite 2020
  4. evanacree

    Roof Alignment Struggles

    Should've come here for help a lot sooner! Thank you so much, sir
  5. evanacree

    Roof Alignment Struggles

    I am trying to fix the roof line of the attached video (Roof Line.mov). You can see the middle section is not aligned with the others. My goal is to have the two left roof planes on the same level. You can somewhat see the goal roof lines in the attached image. The left two are aligned and the right (excluding the roof with the dormers) is on its own. I am currently using Suite. Is this only possible to edit with Pro? Roof_Line.mov