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  1. Was this ever fixed to allow panning via trackpad?
  2. Thanks David, Your experience echos what I'm learning. That is, the concept of a base/original version that is copied and saved with various alternatives. Once a path is taken, then that version accepts all the modifications into the base/original copy, and becomes the master/final. In my case, there are three separate aspects to the planned remodel project. I have a copy of the base for each of these subproject. How these are consolidated once complete will be an interesting bridge to cross. From what I gather there are multiple ways to copy elements from one plan to another. Will figure out ways to designate current/planned elements on the plan if requested. Otherwise, just adding a few notes onto the plan/views hopefully suffices.
  3. What tool features or procedures support keeping base and concept plan versions in synch? The as built (base) plan contains most basic measurements but missing many details. Sufficient detail exist to start modeling the various concepts of the remodeled area. What would be ideal is for changes in the base plan to automatically update in the concept versions. For example, updating the flooring in the base version would show up in the concept version. Ot adding framing to the base and have it show up in the concept plan? Thanks
  4. Is there anyway to link plans together such that a change in one ripples to the others? For example, a change to the as-built plan is made and it would be very desirable if that change is reflected in other plans that were derived from the as-built. Otherwise, each change to the as-built version must be manually applied to other plans representing different planned designs and changes.