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  1. You should search for subject Home Designer 2020 Vs 2021 there is a software bug in Pro 2021 they answer your question. have fun. Bill
  2. Hey Guys Here is the updated reply I got from support looks like they have a work around. Grant S Thursday, Jan 14, 2021 - 11:51 AM PST Bill, Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to give you a solid answer on when that fix might happen. However, there is something we can do in the meantime by using the old Default Style template from 2020. Here are the steps to do so: ○ Open Home Designer Pro 2021 to a New Plan. ○ Select the Edit menu > Preferences (Home Designer > Preferences if you're on a Mac). ○ In the Preferences dialog, select the Reset Options panel. ○ In the Reset Options panel, select the Reset Migration button. Click Yes on the first dialog that appears, and OK on the second dialog that appears. ○ Close Home Designer Pro 2021 and then relaunch it. ○ Upon starting up Home Designer Pro again, you should be presented with a Migrate Content and Settings dialog. Here we can specify what content we want to migrate from previous versions. In this case, we're migrating from 2020 and we'll only want to migrate the Templates. ○ In the Migrate Content Settings dialog, be sure Templates is the only option checked under "Migrate Settings From Home Designer Pro 2020". Click OK to confirm the changes. ○ After the migration is complete, select New Plan from the startup screen and see if Foundation Walls come in with a centered footing.
  3. Guys Here is the reply I got from CA support Bill Hello Bill,Thank you for contacting Chief Architect Technical Support.It does appear that our Home Designer 2020 templates did have the footings centered, while footings in our 2021 templates are offset. Unfortunately, Home Designer Pro does not have the control over the positioning of footings for Foundation Walls, this control would only be available in our Chief Architect versions.GrantChief Architect Technical Support
  4. Hey Eric I got the same result as you did when I opened up a old plan in Pro2021 I also opened up Pro2020 an the footer was centered when I drew a foundation wall. Hey Keith I found the same thing I just don't know if this is a bug or me doing some wrong. Thanks for the help. Bill
  5. Guys Not sure what happen to the Topic but here are my two files for the Offset footer vs center footer. Pro2021_footer_offset.plan Pro2020_footer_center.plan
  6. Hey Max Thank you for your answer I have been playing around with different Dry Wall setting and starting to get a feel for how it works. Regards Bill
  7. Guys Thanks for all the input I would still like to fine the answer to my question and DJP I guest you can't answer it so I will work at learning more on how this programs works it maybe that the feature does not work like I think it should in Home Design Pro. I understand very well how CAD programs work and the time it takes to understand all the features. Regards Bill
  8. Currently am using Design Pro 2015 for a two story house with a full basement. I built a basic 20 x 10 house to understand how the material list works. I can set the color of the walls in the Edit, Defaults setting Exterior/Interior Wall Defaults like RED and set the ceiling to a White. Then I get the material list build and they show up on the Dry Wall list with those colors. Now I would like to change one the of Wall to a Blue color and see it show up on the materials list. The issues I see is the program always wants to use the Color from the default setting that it uses for all the walls (RED). Is there a way to not use the default settings for the color on each of the walls. I have changed each wall to a different color in my model and the show up a 4 different colors when I do a Doll House view. They just don't show up in the materials list as 4 different colors. Would this be a limitation of Design Pro 2015? Thanks for your inputs Bill