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  1. Well, stage one: I got a single plane, even though I broke the rear wall. Clearly, the part that requires manual roof plane setting is that one is not permitted to set the heights of the front walls manually otherwise. Off to read the articles in David's search. Maybe some caffeine first. ;-)
  2. Hmmm. Based on that and something in DJP's video... do I have to put in a fake second floor to make *any* of this work the way I want, then?
  3. Oh, of course; I know the rules of free help. :-) Now I just have to figure out how those walls in the middle can have a height of both 12 and 16 feet simultaneously. :-)
  4. As in your sample, all 3 segments of the roof are intended to be anchored to the back wall, and raise up from there. Excellent chance your notes are enough hint to get me there, I suspect. I'll try it tonight, and thanks.
  5. And thanks, David; I'll go over that material tomorrow night after work.
  6. Yes, JoAnn, exactly that. Well, almost exactly; my original design didn't have the rear halves of the side roofs be part of the rear half of the center one, but that's certainly close enough for government work. Is this, as I suspect, mostly a creature of properly splitting the cross walls, and marking the proper walls as Shed and Gable? Or is it more complicated than that?
  7. [ And would you mind, terribly, @DavidJPotter, if I dragged your eyes over to this thread for a spare moment or two? :-) ]
  8. [ @DavidJPotter: You've apparently changed the URL for your roof book, and forgot to change the link in your signature. ]
  9. Here's an 11 year old hadn't-upgraded-to-Pro-yet thread on this same topic, with some more explanation (and a nicer Sig :-):
  10. And, sonuvagun; that thread (with my pretty sig at the bottom) *is about the roof issue in my other thread here tonight*. :-}
  11. Oh, look: they didn't *kill* the old forums; they just replaced them:
  12. The software said so; I tried to set it to 450, and it said "no larger than 150". It did *not* say "size of the thumbnail", which is what it meant. Fixed.
  13. That's not quite informative enough, is it? The left, center and right sections will be independent shed roofs. Center is a single shed, from back up to front. The left and right sections will have a shed from the back wall to the wall that's 35ft in from the front, drop down to the ceiling line with a window, and a second shed up to the front. Some of these elevations, obviously, are subject to some tweaking, once I have the basic shape in place.
  14. Attached is my Grande Projecte. The planned roofing is 3 segments of shed, sloping up from the back, so the back wall is 12ft high, and the front window wall is 20. The 2 wing sections will be separate sheds, also both sloping up back to front, with the break line 35 ft back from the front wall -- yes, I know I have to adjust the rooms on the right. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to talk HDPro16 into doing those 5 shed roofs? :-) Is there any video on complex multi-sheds anywhere?
  15. For the record, Solver, yeah, I know that. I did all that work, 10 years ago, before they -- apparently -- dumped an entire old forum, and deployed a new one. Dozens of my postings are poof. And all those great sigs, too. Pro, 2016. And yes, that looks like it'll be the knob I want, based on the tooltip; thanks.