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  1. BackCountryRob

    Material Column ID in Drawings

    Thank you again.
  2. BackCountryRob

    Material Column ID in Drawings

    The three walls are ID'd as GN1, GN2, GN3 in the materials list. The second pic shows the walls for GN1. What I'd like to achieve is having a view where the GN1 walls are ID'd in a drawing view. ie, each of four GN1 walls have the GN1 label as reflected from the materials list. like this:
  3. BackCountryRob

    Material Column ID in Drawings

    Still figuring it out; but haven't had any luck researching the forum or youtube videos.... What I'm trying to do is have a view of the first column (GN1, GN2, GN3) to show on a display on the corresponding walls its refrences... any way to do that besides using the "find in object" and adding text? These are the walls for (GN1) and it would be a handy feature to have a material ID as a drawing view.
  4. BackCountryRob

    Layout Templates Library

    My newness is showing, I get it. I'm understanding the program a bit better after some tutorials and know what I need to do. There are no default 3D views (which I mistakenly assumed), each needs to be created individually and placed in the layout for printing. I was so geeked out with all the great features that I just assumed that this would be one. I realize now that the trick is camera views and back camera views for what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks for the assistance and patient guidance.
  5. BackCountryRob

    Layout Templates Library

    Home Designer Pro 2020 is what I'm using. I'm obviously a new user and I was wondering if there were layout templates available for the varying drawing sets. I realize the customization feature is available and what I was specifically seeking was if there were download-able sets for framing, hvac, room elevations, etc.
  6. BackCountryRob

    Layout Templates Library

    Are there any resources available to download a set of layout view templates?