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  1. @ResQav8r - I love your use of the term nit-noid. That is exactly what this problem is for me. The terrain "dip" near the walls is probably inconsequential. And I tend to waste time trying to answer all the possible questions the viewer(s) (city engineers) might ask. I need to move on to the other layouts (floor, elevations, etc). Having said that, my father (structural engineer) does work with a development firm that has no architects - only draftsmen. He signs off on their A-sheet (Architectural) plans. All the structural detail and calculations he does in AutoCAD. W
  2. Thanks Jo_Ann. Where would you put the french drains? Would you use more than one in the location of the sump pit I've got on my plan? See bottom of the below screenshot.
  3. Hi David. You're hilarious while incredibly helpful. Your Texas humor made for a good morning laugh. Thank you! I should have clarified my goal. My goal with this grading plan is to communicate to my City Building/Engineering dept how I plan to drain storm water as we re-pave the driveway and back yard. While I wish I had a flat property that drained storm water gracefully to the street (I'm supposed to avoid draining to my neighbors' properties)... My property forms a slight but very large "pit" in the back yard where the low point is about 21 inches
  4. Hi David. Long time. Hope you've been well. That's strange. I've found that the contours of the concrete terrain aren't super visible without messing around with the sunlight angles for the 3D perspective camera. Do you know if there's a better way to illustrate the contours in 3D perspective views? It would be nice to be able to impose a grid (like graph paper) over the terrain. I managed to correct most of the contours of the overall yard around the garage (see below)... But if I pull the terrain to cover the last few inches near the garage wall (under th
  5. Hello. I've been working on the terrain elevations on my home plan and am running into a bit of strange behavior around my garage. I would like for the finished ground (concrete) around the garage structure to slope up slightly (about 2-4" vs surrounding ground) within the 8-12" area closest to the wall so as to divert water flow away from the foundation and away from the door openings. But for some reason, the concrete terrain keeps "dipping" down a few inches as it nears the stem wall. In the below perspective screenshot, the read outlined area is what I don't want. The green outlined area i
  6. Got it. Thanks for explaining. In this case, it was my pure ignorance - not even knowing what questions to ask, other than to ask for a topographical + boundary survey - that got me into this situation.
  7. Thank you Eric. - Signature updated. - The ChiefTalk folks had some useful feedback. - I'll check other forums as you suggested. - Not sure what you meant by: "Don't try to appear more knowledgeable than you are." Can you clarify? Jay.
  8. Hello. Are contour lines and building (floor, roof) elevation data normally included in a topographical survey? I had expected this from my topo + boundary survey, but the surveyor does not appear to have provided these details in my survey deliverables (attached). I created the .plan from the .dwg, having imported all details using Home Designer Pro 2020). Did I do the import incorrectly? The vendor has become non-responsive. In case I'm unable to settle this via simple/friendly means, how would I submit and settle a dispute about this? Here is the text of the
  9. Thank you David. I may consider buying or renting HD Pro. I appreciate all your help!
  10. Mr Potter. Thank you so much for the video and plan correction. I'm excited to take a look. Alas, I must put my kids to sleep for the night. I will take a good close look later tonight or tomorrow.

    Thanks again!


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      Kids come first, you are welcome



  11. Hello. I have a rough home design for which I'm nearing completion of external wall and roof design. However, the roof will not build correctly using the auto-rebuild feature. My goal roof design is simple - The front portion of the house (where porch is, towards the right) exists and is covered by a 10x12 pitch roof. The current ridgeline exists as it shows in the drawing. I'm adding to the rear (where the deck and garage are located, on the left of the plan), and would like a simple gabled roof with a shallower pitch (2 x 12) that should meet with the existing roof aft (to the rear) of