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    were did my file go ?

    How can the dimensions and text added to an elevation be saved then? It would be crazy to have to recreate that every time that you need to restart the program.
  2. scottrd

    Can't re-center layout for printout

    I used the print dialogue to set up ANSI 8-1/2x11 with 1/2"=1' scaling. The layout didn't fit, so I adjusted the dimension lines to make the overall drawing smaller and then hit "Center Sheet". The program won't recenter the sheet though (see attached), so the drawing is still cut off. I tried unchecking "Show Drawing Sheet in View", but that didn't help. How do I get the program to recenter the drawing? Scott Using Home Designer Architectural 2020 for Mac Kitchen Layout 1a 5-21.pdf
  3. scottrd

    were did my file go ?

    Related to this, I've started adding dimensions and text to a kitchen design elevation. I've been using "Save the Active Camera", but it's not clear to me from the videos/ manuals I read so far if this will save all the details that I add to the elevation view, or just save the camera viewpoint. I will need at least 4 elevations for the room and definitely don't want to have to recreate dimensions and text if I have to close and reopen the plan. Do the dimensions and text get saved using "Save the Active Camera" or if not is there another way to preserve that? Scott Using Home Designer Architectural 2020 for Mac
  4. scottrd

    Pot rack for kitchen design

    Thanks for the suggestions. There were several in Google 3D Warehouse, and I found one that worked well. Scott
  5. scottrd

    Pot rack for kitchen design

    I'm trying to add a pot rack to my kitchen design but surprisingly can't find any in the object library. Specifically, I'm looking for a rectangular one that would mount under a soffit, above a countertop. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2020 for Mac.