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  1. Potential_Custmr

    home designer pro

    I am wondering if anyone has more recent info now that X11 is no longer in beta on the web site. Any idea when HDP 2020 will be available? Next week? The week after maybe?
  2. Potential_Custmr

    Home Designer pro & Premier version

    Being a user of HDP in a similar situation... my CA designer has the X11 Beta or maybe it is just X11 now. Since he did the plan in X11 Beta I could not read it with my HDP 2019. I have put the project on hold until HDP 2020 comes out as I want to learn from the project. Anyway, for me this was inconvenient. I believe HDP 2020 is due out by March 31st, but I haven't been able to confirm that beyond it being mentioned as a strong possibility in a conversation with HDP support. Perhaps my experience will be useful in your situation.