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  1. It was a display problem in wall elevation view. Switching molding layer on off on solved it.
  2. Thanks Eric for the status bar tip. But to find the layer for room molding e.g. chair rail is harder for me. Because it isn't a selectable object.
  3. SilasPaul

    Finding a layer

    Is there a way to find a layer for a object? e.g. on which layer are "chair rail" for a room?
  4. Hi, it there a possibility to add handle to windows?
  5. I defined it the same. But I like to see the squares of the posts in plan view to diamation the positions
  6. Is there a way to show the posts in planview?
  7. Yes it does. I think better to go with Nvidia... Mabe GTX 1660?
  8. My new graphic card RX580 seams not working good with Homedesigner Pro 2020 - its really slow - slower than my 10 year old nvidia. Any tips for me? (I use the latest driver)
  9. Thanks for your tips. My mistake was that I set in the room settings "Use Soffit Surface for Ceiling".
  10. Hi, I'm trying to build a patio like in the picture below with ceiling and fence and post. If I use the option for ceiling and roof in the room settings it looks bad like in the picture. I tried the manual roof but then I couldn't get a ceiling below the roof. Also to add the two post and then add a fence around the post like in the picture, is for me as a beginner not so easy :-).
  11. SilasPaul

    Faulty Roof

    Wow, thank you very much. I lerned a lot.