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  1. rodneyh

    separate roofs over separate rooms on the same floor.

    Thanks for the detailed and quick response. I will try to replicate and let you know.
  2. I am a new HD Suite user. I keep encountering errors when i try to create different roofs over 3 separate sections of the same house but all on the same floor. I could not get a .jpg to attach so i am linking to a similar example from I have the three separate room's ceiling reflecting properly but don't know how to separate and step-down the roofs. Any suggestions are appreciated. Rod
  3. rodneyh

    Zero out X/Y Axis

  4. rodneyh

    Zero out X/Y Axis

    Thanks for the tips. I will try it out.
  5. rodneyh

    Zero out X/Y Axis

    I am trying to replicate or place 50 some existing trees in my lot perimeter from a hand sketch with measurements. I was trying to watch the X/Y numbers to get an approximation of where they should be located. I prefer to be more precise but I have been totally frustrated using a cad line as I can never get it to show measurements off the lot line my measurements were taken from. I am open to any ideas and suggestions for accomplishing that . I just switched over from Google Sketch where you just place two quick guidelines and your spot is pinpointed. With HD I lose my marker as soon as I let go of the mouse button. Suggestion for locating the trees is appreciated.
  6. rodneyh

    Zero out X/Y Axis

    New User HD Suite: The 00 location of my X and Y axis seems to be just outside my perimeter. Is there a way to pic a perimeter corner and have that zero out as the X and Y axis? Also can that be reflected in feet instad of inches?
  7. rodneyh

    Is there a bicycle somewhere?

    I have Home Designer Suite and downloaded the "Vehicles" bonus Catalogs and it included a bicyle under Recreation Vehicles.