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  1. Hejclf

    How do I create a cantilever loft?

    That works well for adjacent spaced but it doesn't work for overlapping levels within the living area of the overall structure. I'm trying to figure out if adding a second story, then modifying the floor and ceiling heights. There are issues with the ceiling heights of the floor below with this method....still trying to customize Structure configurations to make it work. Let me know if you find a technique of modifying 2nd story configurations....I'll post a successful technique if I find one.
  2. Hejclf

    How do I create a cantilever loft?

    In HD Pro, how do I create (or simulate) a cantilevered loft/bedroom such as over a gooseneck trailer hitch extending back into tiny house living space? Example: Gooseneck deck is 8' long and I want to create a 10' long loft/bedroom that has a 2' covered storage space below the deck of the loft/bedroom. The training videos, user manual and reference guide don't seem to have information specific to cantilever spaces inside the living area. Is there a way to do this?