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  1. I think I figured it out, but on the same note: Does anyone know how to have the measurements permanently displayed? I am wanting to send my wall framing elevation plan to layout, and print it on my computer with some critical measurements shown for key framing members.
  2. Last night I was modifying some wall framing elevations manually. When I clicked on the individual studs to lengthen/shorten them, it would nicely display the measurement of the stud when it was selected. Went to bed, woke up, and now that measurement is not displaying anywhere. Any ideas how to get this back to how it was?
  3. Hey Eric, - I have the framing headers set in the default settings, but long story short, there are 1 or 2 headers I am wanting to change, so the default settings aren't helping there. - Overall I'm fine with the framing not automatically changing to my modifications, but I can't even get the framing pieces to manually snap into place correctly. Can't extend studs up or down to accurately lock into place (whether it be a top plate above, header above, bottom plate below, etc). Seems like a simple enough function that just isn't there. - My overall goal is to create accurate framing plans, so that I can print them out, give them to my employees, and have them know exactly what to build. I can manually generate a cut list, but at the very least I need the individual wall framing elevations to be accurate to how they need to be built. Once again, I'm OK with doing some manual editing for strange things I am needing, but the program doesn't seem intuitive enough for simple changes.... It's just 4 walls! - I am trying to start from scratch to understand why on earth the framing doesn't lay out 16" on center from the corner, or the point you drag from when drawing out a wall. No matter what point on the blank new plan I start from, the first stud is just not on 16" centers. I am about to rip my hair out trying to get this to work.
  4. Hello all, New User here - HD Pro 2019 I am needing to edit the wall framing of my design (and hopefully figure out how to make it my default), and I just cannot figure out how to make it do what I need it to do. It is a very simple 22' x 8' single story structure (16" on center framing) but with Auto Framing, it is making the framing layout make no sense whatsoever! Here are several things I am attempting to alter. 1. I cannot figure out how to change the wall intersections, even on this simple plan. When I click on the individual walls, and play around with the different wall intersection options, checking / un-checking those options makes no changes whatsoever. I am needing the 22' long walls to run through, thereby making the shorter walls be framed within those 2 long walls - those walls framed to 89" between the 2 long walls (using 2x4 exterior wall framing). 2. I do not like how the automatic wall framing is starting/placing the studs. For example, the wall framing on the 22' wall is centering the stud layout in the 22' wall. I need the 16" o.c. framing to start from one corner of the structure and work its way down. How is this not standard!?! 3. Same thing is happening with the 8' walls. I am needing the 16" o.c. framing to begin from the far outside corner! Right now it is placing the first stud at 17" on center, and it's 15" from the other corner. It just needs everything to shift 1". Truly Maddening. 3. I build small structures in general, and I change the way I frame window and door RO's in order to get rid of redundancy and reduce lumber. What I am needing to do is essentially make the window sill 'run through' the window trimmer/jack stud, instead of having a king stud, trimmer/jack stud, then window sill with another trimmer under that. So for example, if I have a 48" RO for a window, my header will be 51" long, and my window sill will also be 51" long, with the trimmer running both under and above the window sill. When I look at the framing elevation view and manually delete / adjust these framing members, it is very frustrating because sometimes they do not 'snap' into place where they should (even when I supposedly turn off snapping feature). 4. If I try to manually reduce header sizes - for example from 7 1/4" to 5 1/2", the cripple studs above it do not change with it. So, I try to manually drag the length of the cripple studs above the header, but they do not snap into place where they should. 5. If I attempt to manually move studs (since the overall stud layout is all screwed up) it does not allow me to sandwich studs together. When I attempt to move them to create a double stud, there is about 1/4" gap between them. Again, Truly Maddening! _______________________________________________________________________ I could go on and on. Overall I am very frustrated with things not being user friendly. It has taken me hours to get to where I am, after watched tutorials and scouring the forums. If you could help me with any of these points, I would greatly appreciate it!!!