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  1. Trying to add a deck to a (~flat) rooftop. HD wants to add posts/beams, warns that deck is built over a non-deck floor. Tried specifying as Balcony as well as deck. Can't seem to build a 'stand-alone' deck and drop iit on top of the roof. Would appreciate suggestions for an approach to this. Thanks. Plan attached. Don HD Pro 2021 Win7 workstation PCotter Garage2.plan
  2. I think I'm going to have to go to HD Pro. Just didn't want to do it for something this 'simplistic'. Thanks for your help. Don
  3. I guess that means that Architectural not only can't do it easily/well, but that no one else has found a workable solution without the upgrade. I will probably have to get the Pro Trial before I was ready for it. I just find it hard to believe that something so basic is totally missing from something that is so good in other ways. Thanks for commenting, anyway. Don
  4. I would like to have a template for a project Title Block that I could add to each page of a drawing set in a portfolio. I'm planning to upgrade to HD Pro to make it easier to create a project portfolio of drawings. Each sheet needs to be consistent in size, style, and content for identification: (Project Name, Sheet name/Number, Scale, and several other pieces of constant data.) A project portfolio might consist of a Title Sheet/Index, General Conditions, Ssite Plan, Foundation, Floor plans (1 sheet per), MEP sheets, There's not even a reasonable way that I've found to draw a border around a drawing sheet, as HD can't seem to draw anything but hairlines. My only recourse seems to be to create a heavy line in Visio and import it into HD as a symbol. Very frustrating! Don
  5. Does anyone have suggestions or sample templates to create title blocks for drawing sets? HD's ability to generate different lines styles is minimal, and user guide is no help. Don HD 2021 Architectural, W7
  6. Eric, Thank you for your reply. I had not considered a faux 'wall'. I've had some experience with other CAD s/w, but CA approaches from a specialized perspective (architecture) I'm much less familiar with. I'm guessing there's really no way to tame the 'aggressive' snap behaviors, then. Is there any way to change the weight (thickness) of lines? I doubt I'd recognize much of the Phoenix area now. I re-visited in the early 90's, and barely recognized it then! Still miss the life style, though. Don
  7. Attached. Not sure where Overgaard is...I lived in Phoenix in the early 70's. I miss it. Don 1431 First St F1V2.plan
  8. When I connect two walls at an angle (e.g. 45), the angled wall does not merge smoothly with one of the vert/horiz walls, but snaps 'through' to the other side, and overdraws a portion of any object on the other side. All snap behaviors have been disabled(???), but when the angled line gets close, it snaps anyway. HD Architectural 2021 don.brady@signature1872
  9. HD Architectural 2021: Is there a way to re-size an architectural block without exploding into components and re-sizing each one? I'd like to use a fireplace from a library, but can only move the block. I need to modify the width and occasionally the height. Thx.