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  1. When I connect two walls at an angle (e.g. 45), the angled wall does not merge smoothly with one of the vert/horiz walls, but snaps 'through' to the other side, and overdraws a portion of any object on the other side. All snap behaviors have been disabled(???), but when the angled line gets close, it snaps anyway. HD Architectural 2021 don.brady@signature1872
  2. SignatureDB

    Joining angle wall extends it beyond intersection

    Eric, Thank you for your reply. I had not considered a faux 'wall'. I've had some experience with other CAD s/w, but CA approaches from a specialized perspective (architecture) I'm much less familiar with. I'm guessing there's really no way to tame the 'aggressive' snap behaviors, then. Is there any way to change the weight (thickness) of lines? I doubt I'd recognize much of the Phoenix area now. I re-visited in the early 90's, and barely recognized it then! Still miss the life style, though. Don
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    Joining angle wall extends it beyond intersection

    Attached. Not sure where Overgaard is...I lived in Phoenix in the early 70's. I miss it. Don 1431 First St F1V2.plan
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    Re-sizing Architectural Blocks

    HD Architectural 2021: Is there a way to re-size an architectural block without exploding into components and re-sizing each one? I'd like to use a fireplace from a library, but can only move the block. I need to modify the width and occasionally the height. Thx.