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  1. Clark1971

    Double floor drawn in Garage

    There, I was able to compress it. Krug Home
  2. Clark1971

    Double floor drawn in Garage

    Hello, I am really struggling with what I think is auto-generated assemblies in this program. I have somehow drawn two floors in my garage layout and I cannot see to find the correct way to delete the unwanted floor. As you can see from the attachment. My drawing is showing a wood floor that I don't want underneath the 4" concrete slab that i do want. I was just going to live with it, but the stairs I want to go to the attic room above the garage are auto-generating from the wrong floor. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brandon
  3. Clark1971

    Front stoop with full basement underneath

    Hello, My name is Brandon and I am new to the forum and trying to learn the in's and out's of Home Designer Pro 2019. I have drawn a stoop at the front entry of the home. I want a basement room under the front stoop. As you can see from the attachment, I have added a 6" concrete slab over the top of the foundation walls. Here are the issues with what I have drawn and can't seem to figure out how to fix. There is about a 4" piece of stucco wall shown cutting through the 6" concrete slab where the front foundation wall supports the slab. On three of the walls surrounding the stoop, there is a 4" cutout of the stucco revealing the plywood behind the stucco. I was able to grab the wall assembly (camera view) on the right side of the front door and drag it down to cover the cutout section. I am not able to do that with the other two walls for some reason. The program will not allow me to drag them like I did the first. Thank you in advance for any direction you might be able to give me. Sincerely, Brandon Home Designer Professional 2019