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  1. Hi, I'm having a problem trying to get my trusses to follow the ceiling planes in the central portion of my house. See screen shots. There should be vaulted ceilings either side of the central area but the trusses follow the plane of the flat ceiling and even drop at the right side instead of raising. Any suggestions? I'm a newbie so let me know if I need to provide further info. Thanks
  2. HomeProNoel

    Layout Sheets

    Hi, I'm a new HomePro 2018 user. I'm trying to understand the responses to the original question as I'm having issues with saved layouts. The issue is that in order to create different layouts from one floor I need to create a layout then alter the dimensions, for example, for another layout type, such as electrical or reflected ceiling plan. When I open the first layout it does not show the dimensions and layer states that I saved for this layout. Is there a way of preventing these automatic changes?