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  1. OMG - that is perfect!!! Thank you so so much! You have taught me a lot today! My friends will be so happy to be able to see how their house will look. You rock, Eric!
  2. I didn't know that! Here you go.... I can post an up close pic too if this doesn't work. WoodValley2.plan
  3. OK - I was able to fix the gables and rooflines - thank you, Eric! Now I'm having difficulty with an exterior wall material. The area on either side above the roof on the front porch isn't what I want it to be. I've changed the material on the 2nd story exterior wall and stopped the wall at the floor. I've specified the material for the 1st floor. But still the 2nd story lap siding is on an area where there should be board & batten. Am I doing something wrong? I saved my work, quit the program and restarted as well, just to make sure that wasn't the issue.
  4. I was breaking it on the wrong wall! Thank you!
  5. Ha! It probably is, Eric! I'm no architect, for sure!! Thank you for the help. I've been working and this is what I have, so far. I've been playing around with manually drawing roofs.
  6. Hi there! I am new to the Home Designer Pro software and am learning as I go. I am helping a friend re design their house that was burned down. I'm trying to get the rooflines to work out for the 1' bump out on the left front but can't get the ridge lines to line up right. When I use the auto-build roof feature, the main roof line is messed up and doesn't look right. I can draw it in Sketch-Up but I'd like to learn how to do it in HDP. Can anyone help out? I've attached pics of what I'm going for. Thank you in advance for any help!!