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  1. TonyWed

    User Defined Defaults For Wall Types

    Thanks for the attempt, Eric, but, even though the walls do import, they can't be used in my version ("The selected library object cannot be used in this product version"). Shame. I checked my signature and it is in my account settings (or seems to be) though the option for View Signatures wasn't set. If I change that and then click Save, the screen I get back shows no information for Overview or any other account settings but reloading the account settings page shows a message that it reloaded the signature editor content, so I guess it didn't really save it before; looks like it wasn't saved. I tried another browser and that seems to have saved it, so I hope it appears now.
  2. TonyWed

    User Defined Defaults For Wall Types

    OK, David and Solver. That's bad news. I've moved from a similarly priced product that had great function in this area (like all competing software, there are pluses and minuses) so I may have to go back to that older product until I get a final design, then come back to HD. I may be wrong but users of a product like this will often be doing what I'm doing, trying to put together a new design that works for us and that means discarding many and putting together new ones. At a minimum the width of walls is an important factor (especially for me, as I have a limited footprint to work within) that can affect room layout. I'm not as bothered about the materials. It would be nice if I could at least select multiple walls and update common properties (I can also do that with that other product, by the way, though I can also define new walls) but I haven't found a way to do that, either. Don't mind me, just getting a bit tired of defining individual wall properties, so I thought I'd try to figure out how to avoid it. I could upgrade to Pro but I'm not sure I'd get $250 worth of extra value there. Thanks for responding.
  3. TonyWed

    User Defined Defaults For Wall Types

    I found this forum topic whilst searching for a way to define a new wall type or alter an existing one. I'm fiddling with new designs all the time, at the moment and am getting tired of altering wall width and materials (though the materials are properly set for some walls I add and I understand why). With the wall defaults dialog there is no way to further define the chosen default (e.g. I can select siding-thin from Edit>Default Settings>Walls>Edit but can't define the width and materials). I tried to find use of template files in the help and reference manual but there doesn't appear to be anything about changing the wall type definitions to save them in the template. I tried adding walls to the profilem.plan file (just as if I'm designing a house) then altering the properties but that doesn't seem to change the default definition so using that altered template doesn't help. I'm new to the program so I may simply be misunderstanding something so any help would be appreciated. To be specific, I'm trying to design a solid timber house so I need exterior walls that are 100mm with a timber appearance inside and out, plus interior 60mm walls of solid timber. (In case my signature doesn't show up properly, I'm on HD Suite 2018.)