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  1. rickjan69

    sip panels

    Does anyone know if home designer pro has any plans to expand the use of sip panels in the program ? I am a florida builder and use sips in my plans, it would be very helpful if sips was like and oher object that could be used and sized. Thanks
  2. rickjan69

    how to build a frame walls hd pro with hd pro 2019

    i'm interested in designing an a frame home, Fred HD pro 2019
  3. can't seem to find information on designing an a frame house, any help would be appreciated Fred
  4. rickjan69

    building with sip panels

    I have been using hd pro for 8 years, currently using pro 2019. How ca i design my homes using sip wall panels as a wall type and show in the material lists and drawings Fred
  5. rickjan69

    scale jpeg import

    I have been trying to scale a jpeg it into a new plan but can not increase its size to fit the new plan
  6. rickjan69

    mirroring a floor plan

    Is it possible to mirror a plan