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  1. drc-framing

    walk out basements

    mick i tried to to do what u posted on #12 but had no luck like i said i'm a rookie. i can't find this break line tool
  2. drc-framing

    walk out basements

    thanks fop your guys help i got the foundation stepped i just had to add a couple invisable walls and then i could change the stem wall heights and not change any thing else. just trying to figure out step the pony walls on the side and make the sideing follow the terrain?
  3. drc-framing

    walk out basements

    ya im a rookie thanks for the advice kbird
  4. drc-framing

    walk out basements

    here's a pic of my walk out i have also read about the walkout problem on chieftalk i have the same problem. just not sure how to fix it. i need to put my footings below frost