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    Library Issues

    Hello! I am running Home Designer Suite 2021; this is the 3rd version I’ve purchased. I think this might be where the problem started in the Library. I have triplicates of so many items, colors, materials, etc. I’ve updated the Library, and I still have duplicates. How do I delete from the Library? Thank you!!
  2. Hello! I'm am using Suite 2021 and am trying to switch out the track and rollers on my barn door to use the bypass rollers and track. I've purchased the Doors No.1 Sliding Barn catalog, but when I try to switch the track or rollers, nothing happens. I'm trying to use the Bypass Tracker and Bypass Rollers so that both door panels can slide to the right of the door opening - but everything I've tried is useless. Please help!! I've tried by opening the Interior Door Specification: Hardware: Sliding Tracks: Sliding Track: options are Use Default, None or Standard, no Library; same thing with the Hangers. I can clearly see the different tracks and hangers/rollers in my library. I've tried viewing the door in Full Camera mode with my Library Browser open to my Doors No.1 Sliding Barn catalog. I can click on the Bypass Track and get my cursor over the current track, but when I click to switch it out, nothing happens - same thing with the hangers/rollers. See screenshots IMG_6587.HEIC & IMG_6588.HEIC.IMG_6587.HEICIMG_6588.HEIC I've tried going to my Barn Door Defaults: Hardware: Sliding Tracks: Sliding Track: options are None or Standard; same thing for the Hangers/Rollers. I've tried viewing the doorway in Full Camera mode with my Library Browser open to Doors No.1 Sliding Barn catalog. I can add a Bypass Track, but I cannot add the Bypass Rollers. See screenshots IMG_6593.jpg and IMG_6594.jpg. When I add a door panel, I wind up with the track being replaced by whatever default, basic barn door setup that cannot be modified & that is not is the Doors No.1 Sliding Barn catalog. ANY help would be most appreciated! Chief Architect sells this catalog, and all I can use are the door panels - none of the hardware. If you have any ideas, I'd sure appreciate it! Thank you in advance for your help!
  3. I've been using this software for a number of years and keep mine current (up-to-date). Why all of a sudden are pianos no longer available as part of the included library like before? It's ridiculous - you should grandfather in libraries, not take away elements we'd already paid for in the past. This is wrong.