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  1. Hi, I am attempting to self-teach HDP while designing the complete remodel of our own home. I don't want to cut corners in what I'm learning just to make it 'look' a certain way on screen. My goal is to be as accurate as possible where I can deliver the plans to our contractor without a lot of confusion or missing pieces/questions... I think I've done okay so far but now I'm completely stumped and need help/advise. We have a ranch side split house ( previously added master suite is 4 steps up from main level and over the single car garage, which is 11 steps down from the main level). Our house also sits atop a sloping hill with a valley drop-off along the side of our property line. Part of the remodel will be adding an in-law apartment over the detached garage. All of that has been complicated enough to learn, but now I am stumped on how to add the bedroom loft in the garage apartment. Everything I have read/watched/researched tells me to either alter the foundation or to add another floor level - both of which alter the main house in the plans and jacks that all up. In the apartment, I created the bathroom that will be under the loft for it to rest on...but the walls of the bathroom go all the way up to the gabled ceiling. If I lower the bathroom walls then it lowers the exterior wall as well. If I try to add a ceiling to the bathroom and main living area in order to create a second floor level to be the bedroom loft - making it open below over the main living area - then the added floor lowers the walls and ceiling of the main house to that same height as well. All of my measurements have been gathered from our actual house and I've remeasured multiple times in various ways to be as accurate as possible. For the garage and apartment the measurements are: Basement/Garage Stem Wall: 108"; (Absolute Elevations: Floor Above: 0"; Ceiling: -12 5/8"; Floor: -108"); Rough Ceiling: 95 3/8"; Basement/Garage Finished Ceiling: 95 3/8"; Apartment: Stem Wall: 108"; (Absolute Elevations: Ceiling: 168 1/8"; Floor: 0"; Floor Below: -108"); (Bathroom/Under Loft) Finished Ceiling: 116 1/2"; (Bathroom/Under Loft) Rough Ceiling: 118"; (Main Living Area: Open to Gable Roof) Finished Ceiling: 166 5/8"; (Main Living Area: Open to Gable Roof) Rough Ceiling: 168 1/8" I have exhausted all the resources I have access to trying to figure out how to add this loft without altering the rest of the plans. I'm hoping someone with more experience/knowledge than me will have the magic answers that I'm missing and can help me. I do want to learn and figure out where I'm going wrong or what I'm missing here...so I've included a screenshot. Please Help...and TIA!! Angela
  2. Lee2m4

    RV design

    I have a gutted 70's model airstream that I am wanting to totally redesign the interior.
  3. Lee2m4

    RV design

    Is there a way in designer pro to redesign an RV?
  4. Lee2m4

    truss on open porch

    I have pro 2018 and can't seem to figure out how to build the exposed truss under the open porch. Everything is greyed out unless I'm in 2D. Every video tutorial I watch is using architectural. The forum that this above pic was in was using trusses in pro. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thank you
  5. Lee2m4

    Open Porch With Beams

    I am having trouble figuring out how to add trusses in pro 2018. I am wanting the same style you have under the open porch.
  6. Lee2m4

    Help with attached garage

    Thanks for the help. I finally got it. I'm figuring out the terrain tools now
  7. Lee2m4

    Help with attached garage

    I guess I don't know how to drop the landing. I just got this program 3 days ago. I'm a graphic designer and thought I could figure out this program pretty fast. I guess I have a lot to learn.
  8. Lee2m4

    Help with attached garage

    I appreciate the help thank you
  9. Lee2m4

    Help with attached garage

    I couldn't get the bottom stairs to touch the landing
  10. Lee2m4

    Help with attached garage

    Here is the file. any help would be appreciated. House_renovation_plans.plan
  11. Lee2m4

    Help with attached garage

    I'm having trouble finishing the garage with the master bedroom on top of it. the stairs start from the front and go up to the main level to the door to the landing and then it goes up 4 more steps to the bed room. If anyone could give me some pointers it would be great. I am new at this program (Home designer Pro 2018)House renovation plans.plan I attached a picture of my house and tried to upload my file. It says file to big but it put a link in my thread