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  1. KippLitz

    Open Porch With Beams

    Not an option in Architectural that I am aware of, at least I am not familiar with. I will look around the Pro Trial and see if I can figure out how to do this. Thank you Eric. Kip
  2. KippLitz

    Open Porch With Beams

    Hello all, Pleas see the attached picture. What I want to know is how do I make a porch like this with the 4 beams in the front (1 horizontal, 1 vertical, 2 angled). I am 50% there using soffits for the horizontal and vertical but how do you do the angled ones? Thanks, Kip I own Architect 2014 and I am trying the free trial of Pro 2016 to see about upgrading.
  3. KippLitz

    Plan Reversal Problems

    Hello all, Attached (I hope) is a picture showing what I see after I reverse the plan. Hitting the "Next" key kind of tries to open up an area but not really. The "Non Reversed" plan works perfectly. Strange indeed. Thanks for your insight. Kip
  4. KippLitz

    Plan Reversal Problems

    Hello all. First time posting so I hope I do ok. I have a completed plan that I need to reverse. I chose "Tools>Reverse Plan" and it does reverse, everything looks correct. The problem I have is that once reversed I can no longer select rooms for editing. If I click on any room I simply get a large gray box over the entire plan. Any ideas or input? Yes, I do have the original plan saved and I can reverse it again, tried, but same results.I look forward to your advice. Thanks, Kip D. Litsey Advanced Novice Home Designer Architectural 2014 Build: