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  1. May be only tangentially relevant, but I recently found that the most recent version (2020 Architectural) wouldn't run on what I'd always thought of as a really high-end laptop (bought a few years ago). Apparently the graphics card needs to be pretty sprightly to meet the demands this ever-advancing application places on it these days. CA support were very helpful, but these are the system requirements these days! It could be that the problem was that the manufacturer has not produced a driver specifically for Windows 10, though I suspect the graphics adapter is just a generation too early.
  2. PhilipHerlihy

    Bow Windows

    Am I right in thinking that the "Bow Window" facility in HD Architectural 2020 is fixed at five lights? (Bay has three.)
  3. I'm just starting out again on a remodelling project which had to be shelved some years ago. I've upgraded from HD Interiors 2014 to HD Architectural 2020. I'm also tinkering with Room Planner. The first thing I need to do is get an accurate set of reference measurements! I've invested in a Bluetooth laser measure (Leica Disto D2 - works well), and I've tried out three apps with it. ImageMeter Pro (under £4) works really well - it's quick and easy to annotate photos of the site with measurements. Leica Disto Plan (free for what I need). The "Sketch on Photo" fac
  4. All studied very carefully. It might be a day or two before I can try this out for real, though. Much appreciated!
  5. I hope this isn't duplicated - the reply I've just written has vanished. Thanks, David: well put. This is impressive software that deserves respect. I've tried fiddling quickly with the settings Mick suggested, but I can't get the plywood to disappear. I don't have an option in defaults to control whether exterior doors are 'Recessed' - I'm using HD Interiors, which has less options. (See screenshot). Meanwhile, I'm getting marvellous results with the furniture - specifying tables and cabinets to match what we're thinking of buying, and dropping them into place before whirling round
  6. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this! Yes, I'm a complete beginner, and learning from my mistakes. That 'soffit' was my equivalent of a yardstick on the ground - it was created to give me a visual indication of how far out the curved walls should come. The unexplained error message pre-dates that. I'll remove it once I'm sure I no longer need it. We have to order some furniture shortly - today as it happens - and I'll need to spend the rest of the afternoon planning what we should try to fit in before heading off to the store, so I'll have to correct my walls later in the wee
  7. Thanks, David. I've just deleted and re-uploaded a zip file of bits and pieces, so that may have caused the problem you found - sorry! If you do have a few minutes then it might be worth refreshing your browser with F5. Yes, it certainly does take some practice - there's a lot to learn. I did do better when I turned off the snaps (all of them). I've found by experimentation that the 'plywood' only appears when I try to install any kind of door at that exact spot. I'm stumped! Likely to slope off to bed shortly - it's gone midnight here.
  8. Working on my first ever plan in HD Interiors. (Well impressed). I have three problems - I hope it's ok to aggregate them here. Firstly, every time I save, or undo, I get a message "A Zero width cabinet has had its width changed to bne inch...". Presumably I've left a spurious object in my plan, but how do I find it? I've created a bay, after studying carefully the exact construction of my house. I've added a pair of curved exterior walls (which jumped around all over the place as I was trying to draw them!), plus a straight exterior wall section between them, where I want to put a pai
  9. Most helpful - thank you. I'll try this out later today.
  10. Struggling to get going with this wonderful package (Home Designer Interiors 2014), even after watching dozens of videos. The house I'm trying to model has a basement, and a garage. The basement extends under just a corner of the house, about a quarter of the floor area of the main floors. The garage is about two feet lower than the "first floor" (US terminology - we Brits call this the Ground floor). Any tips on how to approach these issues? A pointer to an article perhaps? Thanks in advance! Phil, London