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  1. OK, one more time. This is the latest jpeg of the exterior. The colors aren't quite set yet, but I did manage to get the corner boards into the plan.
  2. OK, my bad. I grabbed the wrong file in my haste, but this website limits me to only a 25MB upload which my plan file exceeds. Sorry, I can't show you anything, unless anyone here knows how to bypass this restriction.
  3. Hey, Jo Ann, I've got arch in, but I can't seem to get it 0" off the ceiling without it sticking way down into the room. Or if I set the bottom to the adjacent ceiling height, then it sticks way above the middle ceiling plane. What do you mean by "set the default to 95 5/8"? Or am I missing something here?
  4. Yes.Jo Ann, that's what I was hoping to build. So, was this done with ceiling planes? Or did you work some other magic? And LawB10, I fixed those issues last night before I saw your post. Like I've mentioned this plan is still pretty raw, and I really need to clean it up.
  5. Special thanks to everyone, and especially to David J. Potter for his excellent video tutorial on my issue. Everything looks great now on my plan. Now, I just need to finish everything up, and I'm sure I'll be back here for more information. Keep Austin Weird, David. -- Jay, a former Austin-ite.
  6. That's probably exactly what I was trying to get. So, could you either explain how you fixed this or re-post the plan, if you just altered what I send out? I'd really like to know what you did. And, I''ll have to look into ceiling planes, that's a term I am unaware of, but I haven't found curved ceiling planes in Pro, yet.
  7. OK, here's the plan file. The specific problems are: 1)The second floor gable above the window bump out. I did place an exterior attic wall over this area, and it looks correct when I open it, but it's not rendering correctly. 2) The soffits in the second floor master bedroom are sticking out above the roof line. I haven't found a way to clean these up. but what I'd like to illustrate here is an arched ceiling between these soffits mirroring to some extent the palladian window at the front, and it shouldn't exceed that roof line. 3) That palladian window should be much higher up on the second floor wall. I originally had the floor in this bumbout 24" higher than the second floor. but it seems to have tied itself to part of the porch structure. So, when I adjust it back up, it stretches the porch columns up by the same amount. Why? 3) When I auto-generate the porch roof at the front, it radically screws up the 2nd floor roof at the rear of the house, along with screwing up the garage roof. I haven't figure why for these yet either. Victorian 100.plan
  8. Hmmm... I didn't see where to add what version I was using in my profile, so I just tagged this message with the Home Designer Pro 2018. I'll look again. I actually have not broken the wall behind the bump out, so on the plan it appears as 2' x 7' room. I tried breaking the back wall earlier and that didn't seem to affect this. This particular structure only exists in my head as of now. Well, it also exists in Microstation, but that program is completely manual. I have tried setting the ceiling height in that little "room" to just 8' and I set all three walls of the bump out to that. What I don't understand is why the two side walls extend all the way to the roof. I would think when I set them to end at the ceiling line, that they would stop there. I'm not real sure i want to post the actual plan file as it's still in a fairly raw development state.I can do that if it's really necessary, however.
  9. I'm working on a personal project for a medium sized Queen Anne Victorian home, and I can't seem to get the master bedroom's front window to come out correctly. I'm trying to put in is a 7'-4" wide x 2' deep bump out with a paladian window and sidelights in it. This window will begin just above where the roof for the front porch attaches, but that roof is not yet drawn in yet, and the bump will also have a bench seat in it when complete. The problem as you can see here, is that the bump is not ending at the correct height, and as such doesn't get a little hip roof attached. For whatever reason the sides of the bump out keep extending up to the roof while it deletes that part of the wall behind it, even though I have all the bump walls set to the same height as the front wall of the bump. I'm not exactly sure Home Designer Pro can do what I'm asking, it does seem to get confused by certain things I try, but that could just be my inexperience with the product. (I normally use Bentley Systems Microstation for design, and this is just very new with me.) Does anyone here know what I may need to do to correct this? Thanks in advance, Jay