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  1. FredericG

    Physics Based Rendering? What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the detailed education and test plans, I'm very happy with the new feature. Here is what I could come out with, final touches on PS. I'm remodeling my house and here is the future kitchen
  2. FredericG

    line dividing walls

  3. FredericG

    line dividing walls

    Thanks solver, I'm going to make my signature as you suggested. I spent a lot of time looking for an answer but found nothing, giving me links to tutorials is not really a solution to my problem, I'm coming here because I couldn't find it anywhere else... Anyway, it is not a Wall Covering, when I open "Wall Specification", Wall Covering is blank...
  4. FredericG

    line dividing walls

    Hi, I am getting frustrated about a line that appears in the middle of some walls, not all of them which makes it even more weird, it is probably nothing to deal with but I just can't figure it out Thanks for any help!! I'm using HDArchitect 2018 In one picture you can see that it goes inside too...