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  1. David, Thanks for responding. If you start at the top of the conversation, I show that in the real world there is a high middle room with a gable roof surrounded by rooms with shed roofs. In my model, no matter which walls I seem to fiddle with (following videos), I always end up with a big gable roof over all the walls. Jo_Ann then sent me a picture of what I guess is her edit of my file, which shows much closer what I was reaching for, but she chose not the share it (only the picture), and told me I did so many things wrong that she couldn't help me and that I needed to study harder. I am fine if you tell me 3 things I did wrong and let me work it out. Or, if it is easier, just go make those 3 changes in my file, return it fixed, and tell me what you did and how I could avoid such a problem in the future. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Jo_Ann

    Any chance you an send my the file you developed that solves my problem?  I will study and learn from it.



  3. I so, so appreciate everyone's responses. I am using Home Designer Architectural 2018, and I have attached pictures of the house. Yes, your pic is exactly what I am trying to get to. It looks like you went into my file and fixed everything. Could you please send me that file, and I can learn from that? Words alone wouldn't express my joy if you could! Concerning your first comment about my ineptitude, I completely agree, but I do take some exception. I am not an architect, nor a specialist in Home Designer Architectural 2018. I purchased the product specifically to model this 80-year-old home (in Bangalore, India). My mission isn't to become an expert in the software, although that would be cool, but to model this home. I address home features in the product as I come across them in reality. Looks like I took the wrong approach. I have gone through the guides and tutorials and knowledge base ad naseum, but they are written for someone who already understands architectural fundamentals, which I do not. Obviously, I am lacking as a student, but I am left feeling disillusioned that the blame all lies with me and I am too hopeless to help... I am hoping that the experts on this User Forum can help me bridge this gap. I seem to be doing okay on the two-dimensional stuff, but when I get to the third dimension, I don't yet understand it.
  4. I have a main 2-story dining room with a gable roof, surrounded on 3 sides by 1-story rooms with shed roofs and 2 rooms in the corners where two shed roofs meet. Whatever I try results in one big Gable across all the rooms. The base walls of the gable roof are 5m high. The high end of the shed roofs is 4m high, and the bottom is 3m high. What am I doing wrong? Basavanagudi.plan Reality.zip