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  1. Nistafy

    help needed with roof!

    so, all I did was to add a roof over a deck and when I built the roof, everything went haywire!!! Ugh! What setting is wrong here... two files to show before deck roof build, and after deck roof build when everything got messed up. Untitled 2.plan
  2. Nistafy

    Need Help!

    Thank you for your help. I am new at this, and am learning as I go... I deleted the room divider wall between dining and music and it disappeared. I still have my stepped ceiling which is good. Now if I can figure out how to put a roof over a deck that is a different pitch than the default roof pitch...
  3. Nistafy

    Need Help!

    I want the lower ceiling over the kitchen and the higher ceilings over the dining/music.... If I change that ceiling to be lower as the kitchen is, the roof panel is still there, so I do not think that is the cause... I have tried deleting the entire alcove and re-building it, it keeps showing up
  4. Nistafy

    Need Help!

    I don't understand. Of course I have my plan open, I am working on it. you want me to attach my entire plan? pond-redo.plan
  5. Nistafy

    Need Help!

    I have checked al those places and I cannot find anything that addresses it. Signature now established. I am running HomeDesigner Suite x9 (2018)
  6. Nistafy

    Need Help!

    Help! I have a rogue roof overhang coming out of a two story at the one story level. It shows in the floor plan on floor 1 as a green dotted line. I cannot select it, nor can I get rid of it! Help me to get rid of it!! Please......