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    Need Help!

    Thank you for your help. I am new at this, and am learning as I go... I deleted the room divider wall between dining and music and it disappeared. I still have my stepped ceiling which is good. Now if I can figure out how to put a roof over a deck that is a different pitch than the default roof pitch...
  2. Nistafy

    Need Help!

    I want the lower ceiling over the kitchen and the higher ceilings over the dining/music.... If I change that ceiling to be lower as the kitchen is, the roof panel is still there, so I do not think that is the cause... I have tried deleting the entire alcove and re-building it, it keeps showing up
  3. Nistafy

    Need Help!

    I don't understand. Of course I have my plan open, I am working on it. you want me to attach my entire plan? pond-redo.plan
  4. Nistafy

    Need Help!

    I have checked al those places and I cannot find anything that addresses it. Signature now established. I am running HomeDesigner Suite x9 (2018)
  5. Nistafy

    Need Help!

    Help! I have a rogue roof overhang coming out of a two story at the one story level. It shows in the floor plan on floor 1 as a green dotted line. I cannot select it, nor can I get rid of it! Help me to get rid of it!! Please......