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  1. foqus555

    Modify gables in 2015 Suite?

    New to Home Designer/Chief Architect/The Knowledge Base....thanks!!!
  2. foqus555

    Modify gables in 2015 Suite?

    Hello, Using 2015 Suite (for Mac, if it matters). I don't think it's possible with my version, but I thought I'd ask. I'm just doing a test of a simple cabin design, and I want a "prow" front. I want the roof to be a simple front and back gable style. Well, when I cut the walls to make a "prow" front, the program creates TWO gables, as seen in the attached. Am I right in assuming that I cannot delete some roof lines to make a simple roof, like you can in the more expensive versions? Any help appreciated...thanks. marco
  3. Using Home Designer to build a small cabin in the Adirondacks, just north of Lake Placid, NY, in summer 2016.

  4. foqus555

    Sales FAQ

    Hello Chief Architect, You may want to include: "Apple Mac native application coming within days" to your sales FAQ. I almost just bought a Punch software program, because it was the only good one I found that runs on an Apple Mac. But thanks to seeing the note in the "Announcements" section, I no longer have to do that (or buy Windows, run Boot Camp, etc). Some things are worth the wait!!