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  1. Thanks for the video, David. I am trying to follow what you did in changing the defaults for wall materials, but when I click on Walls in the Default menu I get a much more limited menu see below). I can only choose which type of wall (Siding-6, etc.) is the default for Exterior and Interior walls, but there is no ability to change the default setting for how different types of walls are constructed or appear. I am trying to find a way to change the default material for Interior walls to something besides drywall without having to go through and spray paint some other material on every wall. I am running Suite 2021, perhaps this is a limitation of this version. Thanks for any help.
  2. Thank you, that's pretty much what I figured.
  3. Is it not possible to create roof trusses in Suite? It frames any roof with conventional framing, which of course is not the way things are generally done. Even a 60' wide building with an 8/10 pitch generates 80' long rafters instead of trusses. This may be a limitation of Suite but that is not explained anywhere. Thank you.
  4. How do you save material prices so that they populate the material list without have to re-enter prices every time you generate a material list? If I enter in prices it calculates everything, but then the next time I run a material list all the prices are gone. Where can you enter material prices so that they are saved? There must be a way otherwise the price feature is pretty worthless. I'm just running the basic Home Designer Suite, maybe the more advanced versions allow you to store pricing information but this one doesn't? Thank you.