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  1. randystewart6771

    1st floor Roof / Overhang

    Solver, maybe you can help me out. I am attempting to create a rood overhang between a first and second floor. The instructions I found were to create a wall just exterior to the exterior wall and thus create a room. I set it the room and roof parameters as you describe. I created the over hang I wanted but I also seem to have extended the floor joist under this new room and this shows on my perspective view. I'm using HD Suite 2017. Thanks
  2. randystewart6771

    Problem with two level plan

    I seem to have several additional floor plans in the program than the two I have saved. Were do I find all the saved plans so I can eliminate the ones I do not want? The two I have saved have suddenly become "indpendent". They are not the first and second floor. The Prospective Overview shows them individually. How can I combine them into a single two story unit?