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  1. I would like decent area rugs to choose from. The more interesting ones are thru SSA and to join is $525.00. This is unfair. All designers should be privy to attractive options to put on our floor plans. I don't mind paying $3.00 for something here but not going to sign up for $525.00.....

    Placing rugs

    Am I to always place a rug on floor first and then the furniture? Also, if I placed the rug after sofa is already in place, often plan view shows rug hiding a sofa, but 3D view shows sofa is visible. Aren't both views supposed to be the same? I use a MAC. Sandy M
  3. Where do I begin when drawing a floor plan? I've used much older version of CA for years. Easy as could be. This version is frustrating. On Chief Architect Home Designer Suite I drew walls, doors, windows and closed walls on house. Thought that is supposed to generate floors. In dollhouse view my floors were grass. Why? On videos I don't see where that is explained. Also, those videos should be specific to which software program you own, so when viewing instruction it shouldn't include what can be done with Pro version, when mine is not that. It is confusing for video instructions to go back and forth between my version and Pro. ChiefUserSM