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  1. Olivier

    Gutter Downpipe

    Hello Solver, I just browse every bonus librairies: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/3d-library/index.php?r=site/library&reset=true Sorry, no downpipe... BUT, I google this: https://www.google.fr/search?q=downpipe site%3Achiefarchitect.com And I found this thread: https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/5856-downpipe-downspout-leaderwhatever/ Where glennw offers this librairie: Downpipe.calibz Well, this is not perfect, but it is enough for my needs Thank you for your help! Olivier
  2. Olivier

    Gutter Downpipe

    Hello, Is there anyway to add a gutter downpipe? Thank you for your kind help Olivier
  3. Hello Solver, Thank you for your answer, but, when I click on "Help > HomeTalk..." under HD Pro, link lands here at chiefarchitect... When I Google "Home Designer Pro forum" link comes here at chiefarchitect... So, I don't know where to post my question... More over, I found a bug in HD Pro 2019, so I don't where to post this information...
  4. Hello, I am using HD Pro 2019. I would like to know the right color name of the outsite wall, because, I want to "Paint" my "Terrain Wall" with the same color. On screen, this RGB color is: 250, 241, 211, but this is NOT the right one. I try to add a new material: "Add a New Material" > "Select Color" > "Color Picker" But this NOT the right color. I tried many colors for hours, unfortunately, no success. What is the default outside wall color? Thank you for your help!
  5. Hello, I need to build a new terrain from a JPEG, so I import Backdrop. Size of terrain dimension is not the right one, so I increase the picture size by X percent, and try again. Even with a biggest terrain's image, size remains the same in HDPro. Question: How to increase terrain size by X Percent? Thank you for your help :)
  6. Thank you David, I just found the Eye-Dropper and Spray Can in the Main Toolbars
  7. Olivier

    Flying Building

    Thank you David, Sorry, I don't understand how to do. When I follow your advice, uncheck "Automatic" box, and add "0" to "Subflore Height Above Terrain" small building is no more flying above terrain, but the big building is completely underground. It seems to me that Home Designer Archectitural 2018 manage these 2 buildings as one, because when I select the biggest and build a new floor, it build it for both. HDA builds a floor for the big and the small buildings in the same time. I read Chapter 33 of Chief Architect® Home Designer® Architectural 2018 Reference Manual, but it does not talk about my trouble. Thank you for help.
  8. Olivier

    Flying Building

    Hello, My second building is flying over terrain. I don't know how to land it without any crash. Thank you for your help!
  9. Thank you all, I came back see the real terrain, there is a big mistake, because the real terrain is much more flat. How to reset terrain elevation to zero to be able to use the real elevation?
  10. Hello, My cars are floating above ground, because my terrain is not flat. How can I fix it? Thank you, Olivier
  11. David, Thank you for your good wishes for success! Buildings in France are currently governed by the energy saving standards "RT2012" (pending the next ...). In this legal framework, the exterior walls must comply with a thermal regulation, which is why they are thicker than each new law of energy saving. This is a good meaning (preserve the planet) however, the constantly increasing thickness of the walls reduces the living space of the owners or tenants of the house. Lastly, it is interesting to note that in France recently, given the demographic pressure on the outskirts of Paris and the surge in land prices, the legislator has decided to authorize the sale of very small land prohibited for sale until then. As you rightly point out, our budget forces us to choose one of these tiny lands. In return, they are always twisted, forcing us to have a house in non-regular form, which is why we are obliged to draw our house by ourselves, because the manufacturers' houses - for obvious reasons of profitability - Only offer rectangular houses. Having a rectangular house is a very good idea, however, this choice makes us lose precious square meters, which is why we must not sign with a classic builder, but with an architect. I hope you understand that in the interests of cost savings we have made the first choice to use HDA to reduce the cost of this architect with whom we will be working on our future home. Olivier
  12. Thank you very much for your help Sover! Thank you for your kind words about France 1) I will do it next time. 2) I live near Paris, last year I went to Paris see the finish of "Tour de France" from my home to "Champs Élysées" with my young son... By bicyle
  13. Hello All, I am French and newbie with Home Designer Architectural 2018. I am an industrial designer, but I have no knowledge of masonry or building design. HDA is a really powerfull tool, especialy in roof design! Please note, I am using it for a few hours, so I am in the beginning of my knowledge curve. Here is my first quick project. Could you tell me if this building is possible to be built? Thank you for your help, Olivier Fresnes 2.plan