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  1. Eric is correct. You will find a list of the doors in the materials list. I usually export them to excell, edit and then print it out.
  2. The basic rendering technique is fine for working but rendering an image in CA Premier(tried to see if it worked any better) to a good quality took way too long. Using the features of the new graphics cards would go a long way towards improving quality and reducing wait times for a quality image. That was one main reason that I was looking at a Premier upgrade.
  3. Exactly. Ray tracing in a couple of other programs I use have been much faster..
  4. I'm currently using HD Pro 2020 but recently tried Premier with the idea of getting better renderings. When running the render my CPU ran at 100% while my graphics card (RTX 2070) only ran at 2%. Is there any plan for the programs to utilize the graphics card capability for rendering?
  5. As an exercise to learn I've been working on a plan of my house as it is built. One issue that I've seen in the framing of the house is how the rafters are constructed. It appears that when roofs are joined it only creates openings wheras the actual construction has the adjoining roof is overlaid on the main roof. This occurs with a gable intersecting a hip as well as a low shed overlaying the roof. For reference I've attached two pictures as well as the .plan file. I'm wondering if there is any way to correct this or is it a limitation of the program. Most likely it's just me.... 4701_Fordham_with_terrain.plan
  6. Sounds like he needs to login to his account and release the license to be active on the new install. This is the same process used when switching between my laptop and the desktop.
  7. I get around this by setting the sheet size to 12x18 using a 1/8" scale. Export to pdf then print at 200% and you'll get what you need. Bob
  8. Best idea would be to attach your plan file so that the knowledgeable users could look to see what's happening.
  9. YankeeBob

    Room above garage

    I suspect that if you go into the dollhouse view and then go to the tools, display options menu you can just turn off the roof planes, ridge, etc. to see whats under the roof. I'm fairly new at this so I could be wrong. This works in my Pro 2020 version but I think it will work for you as well.
  10. Never thought of using a soffit to fake it out. That worked out just fine.
  11. I can see that on the framing view. Just don't understand why it was created to blow thru the soffit. With automatic framing turned off, I can delete them. Is it an error on my part,a bug or a feature? I was applying a molding to the exterior wall. I'm guessing that it is caused by raising the roof rafters to the second floor rather than letting them sit on first floor plates. I wish I could justify going to X11 but after the latest price increase it just put it out of reach for me for the small projects I do on my own. Complex projects get farmed out to architects and I create my own designs to get a feel for how everything ties together. All of the designers/architects that I deal with are still in the 2D world..... sigh...
  12. Ran into a couple of small issues with a small garage plan I'm working on with HD Pro 2020. First, the picture shows the tails of the soffit blocking as a guess.... Second, I'm trying to show the frieze boards but when I raise them up above the wall height they disappear. I was raising them as I've raised the roof height since we set the rafters on a plate on top of the ceiling joists rather than on the top of the wall plate. We normally floor the entire attic space for storage. Not sure if there is an answer to this issue..... On the other side of the coin, I like the new 2020 version a lot especially when viewing wall structure! Bob Garage 7.plan Garage 7.plan
  13. Take a look at the PDF I uploaded. A few problems that are probably the result of my errors... First: The railing on the steps is all the way at the edge. I need to set them in by 8" as I need them to be centered on the columns to be attached. Second: I then need to add a railing between the columns and the house but when I use railings to create porch I can't get the correct size and locations for them. Third: I have a couple of areas that show as open areas at the corner of the building to the porch and another one between the steps and the porch. Suggestions? Souder_garage_addition_mod_2E.plan Souder garage addition mod 2E.pdf
  14. Oops.. Didn't realize that I needed to close plan first. I went ahead and added terrain and a drive way as well. Bob Souder garage addition.plan
  15. I'm at a loss to understand why I can't get a water table aka roof return to show correctly. The picture shows a short return on right side but nothing I do causes anything else to show. You can ignore the rest of the plan as ';m just working on the garage and connector to show design options. Garage will have storage room above and stairs eventually, Any ideas? The other question is about the garage elevation for the foundation. I'd like it to show as level with the existing footing and then adjust slab to be at grade which will be approximately 18" above top of footing. Souder latest revision 2.pdf Souder garage addition.plan