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  1. Will do when I'm back at my work station. Thanks.
  2. Why is the roof plane showing up on the short axis of the house rather than the long axis where I drew the planes?
  3. ChiefUserTom7

    manual roof

    I'm fairly new to Home Designer Pro 2018 and have played around with the manual roof build. I'm very frustrated in that the technique seems rather simple, but when I attempt to place the roof planes along the horizontal wall it puts the gable end on the front wall rather than the ends. In the tutorials, it doesn't seem to work that way, but I haven't been able to figure this out. I would appreciate help. I'm sure it's a simple fix, but I haven't been able to determine what it is. Also, I need some help in extending the roof over a front porch. The roof is a gull wing roof. Th
  4. It's mainly used for navigation. I ordered it with some Dell rewards points just to see if it would be helpful. It can be used in conjunction with your regular mouse. It is quite heavy and is stationary. You navigate with the toggle and can move in any direction, including up and down. It's supposed to be quite useful for such tasks as fly through, etc. I really haven't had time to use it very much as yet.
  5. It's working now. 3D connection support was very helpful. Basically I had to reboot the computer for the drivers to take effect. Initially the movements were backwards, but the settings menu had an option to reverse these. The mouse now work correctly.
  6. The 3d mouse only moves the object back and forth. Most of the functions don't seem to work with Home Designer Pro.
  7. Has anyone used the 3d connexion mouse with Home Designer Pro? Any suggestions as to how to set this up?
  8. I appreciate your help. I'll review the videos.
  9. When you refer to drawing a slab, are you talking about building a new foundation? Which menu item do you go to for these builds? I've checked the knowledge base and these other references to some degree. I'm sure my lack of experience with this software is causing most of my issues.
  10. Can you elaborate on exactly how this is done? I don't have the drawings on this computer at this time, but will post later. Thanks. I'm very new to this software.
  11. Can anyone suggest how to place brick supports under a raised front porch? I am using HomeDesigner Pro version 2018. I have the porch attached with the roof covering the porch (gullwing roof), but I haven't been able to figure out how to add the square brick supports. The supports match the old brick on the house and slope down from left to right (the terrain slopes in this direction when facing the house, so that the supports are of different lengths.) I thought of possibly calling the porch a deck and using the deck support menu, but am new to this software and thought I would get some e
  12. Does anyone else out there have any experience with the HGTV Virtual Architect, the professional version? I already have a version (HGTV Ultimate Home Design with landscapes), but would like to avoid wasting my time in trying to learn this program if it is inferior. I would appreciate any comments.
  13. Thanks for the info. In reviewing the versions I came to the same conclusion. I have the HGTV Ultimate Home Design with landscapes, but find it somewhat difficult to use. Have you had any experience with this program?
  14. Thanks, David. I was eventually able to find this info in the users manual. I suspected this could be toggled on or off. By the way, do you have a recommendation about which version of Home Designer to purchase? Currently, I'm reviewing the trial version of Architectural Home Designer. I'm giving thought to the Pro version however. I use this mainly as a hobby, but would like to have rather full functionality. I'm not interested in the higher end Chief Architect, however. Too much money for my purposes.