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  1. i see we are close in age lmao !!  i was born in 55 hardest part i have had with learning the program is how words are so diffrent not to mention how some of these other people assume that we all know certain aspects of the computer !!!!  

             where to click and put your mouse pointer is another crazy thing , with all the frustrating issues it still is great !! And if you think pro is good you should try cheif premier 

    1. chiefuserWRH


      I hear you...we still have a few (hopefully 30) good years left in us!  I had version 10 of Chief but did not keep up with it, I'm unemployed right now and bought HD Pro2018 now to at least get back into it and when I find a full-time job OR start doing more projects on my own I will upgrade to latest Chief version....until then HD Pro is the way to go!