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  1. HewnedCabins

    Roofing Layout Issues

    I am having an issue setting a floor over just the entry. And when I do a 3rd floor, creating the walls over the entry it won't let me access this room to adjust the ceiling height. Again i appreciate any help. Updated Floor Plan 1.plan
  2. HewnedCabins

    Roofing Layout Issues

    This is incredible, thank you for the help. I am definitely going to dissect this.
  3. HewnedCabins

    Roofing Layout Issues

    Thanks for the quick response. I have uploaded the plan file and other exterior pictures. Updated Floor Plan.plan
  4. HewnedCabins

    Roofing Layout Issues

    Hello All, Intent, Accurately layout my house so I can remodel/design a new second floor. My home is a cape cod story and a half. I am having issues getting the roof to layout correctly. I need to get it accurate for room layout purposes. I have attached a few pictures of the actual house and the current state of my layout. My biggest issue is the front layout, between the entry roof line and one of the hip line intersections. I am using HD Architectural 2018. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. HewnedCabins

    Saving design as an older version of HD

    I have the 2018 version of HD Suite, my brother has the 2015 version. Can I "save as" my design as an older version so my brother can open the design within his software?
  6. HewnedCabins

    Log Cabin Walls

    Solver, Thanks for the signature info. I have updated. I am certain I will be picking your brain again soon.
  7. HewnedCabins

    Backdrop picture flipped

    I tried having the pictures oriented upside down and right side up and it always had the picture flipped. I was using JPEG pictures. I switched over to GIF and it is loading it correctly. My next question, now that I have figured out the orientation of pictures is, how can I adjust the placement of the picture? Right now it is putting the picture low in comparison to the elevation and I want to raise it so the bottom of the backdrop is at the elevation.
  8. HewnedCabins

    Backdrop picture flipped

    Does anyone know how to keep an imported backdrop picture from being flipped?
  9. HewnedCabins

    Log Cabin Walls

    Hello, I purchased the Home Designer Suite with the hopes of designing a few log cabins. I have read a few different techniques that I haven't been able to figure out. One was creating symbols of logs and placing. I have not located the area to "create symbols". If anyone has any suggestions or "how to" tips it would be greatly appreciated. Dave