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  1. richoff

    HA newbie

    Ahh, double click does the trick. I still can't drag the cabinet away from the DW tho... they seem to be linked once in place Gracias
  2. richoff

    HA newbie

    Thanks solver, I ended up extending the walls around the whole stair/landing area (to create a separate rm), then I was able to lower the floor. Re - the dishwasher ; the problem is, it won't allow me to select the cabinet anymore after I move the DW into place.
  3. richoff

    HA newbie

  4. richoff

    HA newbie

    David, in the post above, I wrote that I was using HDA 2017, meaning Home Design Architectural 2017. Believe you me I've searched... " how to lower a section of floor" Et al ...maybe i have to hone my searching skills I thought maybe somebody had the answer off the top of their head
  5. richoff

    HA newbie

    Thanks so far Solver. I'm using HDA 2017 Tab doesn't seem to work, if I click on the dishwasher, then hit "Tab", the whole room goes to grey... hmmm The Range Hood, I figured out, was at the wrong height from floor in relation to the upper cabinet (I assumed the program would know the heights) ... fixed The plan was drawn as a whole, so the Landing is on the same level as the rest. Then when I add my stairs & exterior door, they don't line up. (see attached files) PS, theres actually 2 Landings
  6. richoff

    HA newbie

    I'm a new user on the Mac (OS Sierra) platform, and enjoying for the most part, the way things work (have had a number of hangs & crash's tho) Q1 - Is there a way to "click thru" a graphic? e.g. - a dishwasher is added into a cabinet, and they seem to become one... when I click on the cabinet the dishwasher is always selected, subsequently I can't edit the attributes of said cabinet. Q2 - I'm having trouble inserting a Range Hood, under a wall cabinet... it just sits in front of it. Q3 - Was wondering if someone knows how to lower the floor of a "Stair Landing" from the rest of the floor plan. Do I somehow have to make the "Landing" a separate room? ... how is that done btw? Thanks in advance, ... probably more to come Cheers