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    Electronic/Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneurial activity, Design of TA trading systems, Mentoring

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About Me

Retired from energy/telecom/net work. Behavioral Sink escapee.  Acquired a few acres of peaceful farmland/forest and now raise about 25% of our own quality, organics for the table. Target 75% gmo, hormone, preservative and cancer free.  Crime is near zero and the county cops smile/wave at you.  All six of them. Never felt safer. (County we left had 14 grunt level SWAT officers with the official HR job title of "Sniper". No joke. Plus 2 Billion in debt and unfundeds.) Taxes/living expenses now cut in half,  The culture improvement and extra physical exercise works well for our needs.  

We are home. 

I bought Home Designer Arch 2017 (Win7/64 workstation) to design/sub out three new structures for the ranch as time/money permit. 

I like to learn, try new things and build ideas from scratch. 

As an old 2D CAD operative, I appreciate the very good help at this site!   You all are great!