Candle 3D Objects


Accessories No.14 Candles

Updated catalog for X12/2021 doubles the content of this catalog. Create scenes that spark joy.

Objects Included:
    Candle Holders
        Basket Candle Holder
        Bowl Candle 1
        Bowl Candle 2
        Bowl Candle 3
        Candle Box 1
        Candle Box 2
        Candle Box 3
        Candle Holder
        Goblet Candle
        Hanging Candle Sphere
        Hanging Canning Jar Candle
        Jar Candle 1
        Jar Candle 2
        Lantern Candle
        Prayer Candle
        Scroll Candle Sconce
        Two Tone Candle Holder
    Candlesticks and Bases
        Bottle Candle
        Candelabra 1
        Candelabra 2
        Candle Base
        Candle Pot 1
        Candle Pot 2
        Candle Pot 3
        Candle Stand 1
        Candle Stand 2
        Candlestick 1
        Candlestick 2
        Classic Candlestick
        Cone Candle Base 1
        Cone Candle Base 2
        Crystal Candlestick
        Faceted Candlestick
        Intricate Candlestick
        Ornate Candlestick
        Simple Candlestick
        Spindle Candle 1
        Spindle Candle 2
        Spindle Candle 3
        Spindle Candle 4
        Tall Taper Candlestick
        Traditional Candlestick
        Turned Taper Holder 1
        Turned Taper Holder 2
        Turned Taper Holder 3
        Turned Taper Holder 4
        Wrought Candlestick 1
        Wrought Candlestick 2
        Wrought Candlestick 3
    Pillar Candles
        Candle Centerpiece 1
        Candle Centerpiece 2
        Glass Pillar Holder 1
        Glass Pillar Holder 2
        Melted Pillar Candle
        Melted Wax Puddle
        Pillar in Base
        Pillar in Tray
        Pillar Vase
        Pillar Vase (tapered)
        Tied Pillar Candles
    Votives and Tealights
        Glass Tealight Holder 1
        Glass Tealight Holder 2
        Glass Tealight Holder 3
        Glass Votive Holder 1
        Glass Votive Holder 2
        Glass Votive Holder 3
        Perforated Votive
        Star Votive
        Tealights on Stand
        Votive Rail
        Votives on Stand

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